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The importance of employee welfare

An unfortunate reality of the modern world means millions of workers every single day either skip their lunch break or have a quick bite to eat without even leaving their desk.

There’s an endless stream of research into the subject with many estimates suggesting that up to half of employees work through their lunch breaks and a recent survey found that just one in five workers take the traditional hour-long lunch break. Plus, workers that do take a break will often eat at their desks so they can use social network sites or catch-up on news online.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, all this coincides with rising stress levels amongst workers, but employers who encourage their staff to take a proper break can help them relax and enjoy a productive afternoon.

Obviously now and again sacrifices have to be made when it comes to breaks, but it’s important that people don’t feel guilty about leaving their workstation. Even just a 15-minute rest will relax the brain and can often lead to new ideas and solutions to problems.

In fact short breaks throughout the day can often be more effective in decreasing stress than taking a full hour all at once. Plus, if possible, tailoring breaks to individuals and allowing them to choose their own lunch and break times is another great way of enabling people to reduce their stress levels, leading to improved productivity.

Being able to escape the work area and sit down in a designated lunch zone or outdoor space is the ideal way to gear up for the rest of the day and creating specific recreational areas demonstrates to both staff and visitors that employers are serious about the welfare of their people.

A smart looking recreation or outdoor area can also be hugely beneficial to leisure businesses such as hotels, bars and restaurants and can often determine whether or not a potential customer decides to stop and visit or go elsewhere.

Removing weeds, cleaning windows, changing worn light bulbs, updating signage and replacing outdoor furniture can all make a place look a lot more inviting as well as enhancing the image of the business.

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