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Hooded Outdoor Litter Bins

Hooded outdoor litter bins

When you’re running commercial premises it is essential you keep them looking as clean and tidy as possible, which is why we here at Slingsby offer a fantastic selection of hooded outdoor litter bins to ensure you can keep on top of any rubbish that would otherwise begin to build up.

Litter bins don’t have to be unattractive, unsightly items and we have many different designs to choose from. Our hooded litter bins are the perfect choice for outdoor areas as they ensure rubbish cannot be blown around the premises on windy days, while our outdoor hooded top bins are easy to clean, available in bright, attractive colours and are designed to prevent ingress of rain water.

If you need something extra durable, our three-tier square waste bin is perfect as it is designed to withstand harsh environment and high volumes of traffic.

Alternatively, our clear waste container is moulded from high-density polyethylene and has durable polycarbonate clear panels, meaning you have a bin that is not only solid and weather-resistant, but you can see what’s inside for security reasons.

Here at Slingsby, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and this is no different with our hooded outdoor litter bins.

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