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How to prepare your business for Social Distancing

Tape saying ‘please keep a safe distance of 2m’

The word ‘unprecedented’ has been thrown about a lot of late, but there really is no better description for the times we are living in.


These are unprecedented times by anyone’s estimations, and as the world adjusts to the challenges, difficulties and changes that the Covid-19 crisis has brought about, we are all looking to adapt to a ‘new normal’.


As citizens, this means abiding by the rules of the lockdown and limiting our movements and activities, as well as being vigilant about washing our hands and covering our faces when possible.


But as business operators, adapting in this new normal is an even trickier challenge. Having the measurements in place is not only a requirement, but it’s a vital part of getting things moving and remaining positive and prosperous during this difficult time.


At Slingsby, we specialise in the provision of workplace equipment and have a variety of products available that can help prepare your business for social distancing. Our latest blog has some handy advice that can help get things sorted for these new challenges.


The fundamentals of social distancing

Tape being added to the floor of a workplace


By this stage of the pandemic, you should have a fairly good idea of what social distancing is. If not, you might have been something of an annoyance to people over the past few weeks. 

But what exactly is the government’s advice for businesses around social distancing?

The government’s health and safety executive advises that you:


  • Organise your work area so that you can keep people 2m apart
  • Physically arrange work areas to keep people 2m apart 
  • Mark areas using floor paint or tape to help people keep a 2m distance
  • Provide signage to remind people to keep a 2m distance
  • Avoid people working face-to-face, for example working side-by-side

This advice centres around businesses where people would ordinarily be working in close proximity to one another. But social distancing in stores and other public spaces is just as important, and the same general rules about ensuring that people remain 2m apart from one another can be supported through things like floor paint, tape and signage.


Getting the required social distancing equipment


tape to help enable social distancing in a workplace

With this currently the state of play and set to be the state of things for a fair while to come, as a business now is the time to begin or enhance your social distancing situation.


Fortunately for you, at Slingsby we have a vast selection of products that can be used for social distancing purposes and allow you to operate safely and successfully during these unprecedented times.


Items such as retractable barriers, crowd control barriers, chain barriers and barrier tapes are ideal if you are looking to keep people separated from one another and not in breach of the social distancing rules.


Similarly in these confusing and difficult times, free standing signs can be particularly useful to convey messaging and provide visitors, customers or staff with clear and vital information that can help ensure safety standards remain at the high standards they need to be.

A number of other handy products such as floor signal markers, floor tape and more can be found in this section of our site dedicated to helping you keep your distance from the crowds.

Be sure to browse through our full keep your distance section too to make sure you find exactly what it is you are looking for. 

Buying from Slingsby


Floor space segregating in a shop space adhering to social distancing


Be sure to take a look through the full selection of products we have at Slingsby, many of which are perfect for the current Covid-19 pandemic we are facing at the moment.


You can buy PPE from Slingsby, as well as items like thermometers and alcohol hand cleansers


To start buying from Slingsby, simply log in to or register for an account with us. You can take advantage of our free delivery offering on order over £40*, and if you have questions, feel free to get in touch with our team. 

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