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Knives & Scissors

Knives and Scissors

Our extensive catalogue is jam packed with products of the highest quality to meet all of your business requirements. We have a selection of knives and scissors to aid you in any packaging concerns, be it for getting into heavy duty cardboard boxes or removing staples from packaging.

We also have specially designed cutting mats to help you protect any flooring on which you may be cutting materials. They come with a non-slip surface so you can maintain high standards of safety in all of your cutting jobs.

Our scissors have a flexi grip coating on the handle to stop your hand from slipping and to prevent injury, whilst our knives can be adjusted for different depths of boxes. We also offer replacement blades for when the existing blade is no longer sharp enough to do the job properly.

All of our products come with a 12-month guarantee so you can rely on Slingsby to get the job done.

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