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Shrinkwrap Kits

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Shrinkwrap kits

Shrinkwrap gives a great amount of protection from fingerprints and lots of other marks which they can sustain when they are on display.

So investing in shrinkwrap kit can help any business keep its products in the best possible condition, and avoid the problem of them appearing to be less than new when they're on display. And technology now means that any business can protect its merchandise properly, with the help of shrinkwrap kits which bring together all the products anyone with their own business needs to ensure a perfect seal on the goods they need to ensure look their best.

Highly productive kits which include everything you need to seal your products are available from us here at Slingsby, and you can order them online and get fast and reliable delivery. If your shrinkwrap kit is in stock, you can have it delivered free on the next working day.

Our economy shrinkwrap system is capable of sealing up to 120 units an hour, while our all-in-one system includes all the extras you could need to ensure a tight and secure fit, including a hot-air blower gun. It even has its own timer to ensure that your shrink-wrapped products are heated for the right amount of time.

You can also buy separate rolls of shrinkwrap film from us here at Slingsby.com at great prices so that your products can get all the protection you need. In addition to this, thanks to the tens of thousands of lines we always have in stock, there's a good chance we'll be able to turn around your order in the minimum time.

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