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Hazardous Substance Storage

Hazardous Substances

Even when hazardous materials are out of sight and not in use, they should never be out of mind. Most substances won’t cause problems as long as they are stored properly in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines.

Visit the Slingsby knowledge centre to find out more about storing hazardous substances safely.

Hazardous Substance Storage

If your business is involved with handling potentially dangerous chemicals then having access to adequate hazardous substance storage facilities will be essential. Slingsby's acid and alkali storage units, including poly acid storage cabinets and stands of various shapes and sizes, are designed specifically to ensure safe storage conditions. Complying with hazardous substance rules and regulations is considerably easier when you can rely on Slingsby to provide you with the necessary tools for the job.

Discover more about our range of hazardous substance storage products such as our flammable liquid storage and the dos and don’ts of hazardous substance storage

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