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Hazardous Substance Signs & Labels

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Hazardous substance signs and labels

The storage and carrying of hazardous substances is, rightly, subject to rigorous controls. And chief among these is that packaging, storage areas and vehicles which contain and carry such substances must be correctly labelled at all times.

As a supplier of all kinds of essential products for businesses, we at Slingsby carry a full range of hazardous substance signs and labels which meet all applicable legal standards. So you can order them for your business quickly and easily from us.

Among our products are signs for marking storage areas according to the risk which the products held there present, whether they are harmful, flammable or toxic.

We can also provide the frames needed on which you can mount the appropriate placards for display on the vehicles in your fleet which carry hazardous substances, as well as frames which can be used to mount them correctly on your appropriate places on your trucks or other vehicles.

You can order your hazardous substance signs and labels easily and conveniently from us, either online or by phone, on 0800 294 4440. That will also give you access to our helpful customer service team members, who will answer any queries you might have, and help ensure that you get the right products for your individual needs.

Subject to availability, items in stock can be delivered to your business on the next working day.

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