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Endoscopes & Microscopes

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9 product(s)
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Endoscopes and microscopes

If your business involves looking at things in close-up detail, you should examine the range of endoscopes and microscopes we can offer you.

For when you need to examine areas which are difficult to access, you should take a look at our industrial USB endoscope, which can send real-time video images to a PC in excellent quality, thanks to the adjustable white LED lights with which it's fitted to illuminate your way.

For industrial uses, you might need a USB video borescope, which can produce both close-up and wide angle pictures free from glare, and has a 3x zoom facility.

And when you're sending someone in to retrieve a lost item in cramped and dark work spaces, our USB wireless colour video borescope will ensure that they find what they're looking for quickly. It even has magnet and hook attachments to help retrieve any small or hard-to-reach objects.

For working at a computer, our USB digital microscope gives the instant ability to view objects at up to 200 times magnification, and can be either hand-held or attached to the chrome stand provided for extra stability. It is also fitted with a 2 megapixel digital camera to permanently capture what you see in such minute detail.

Our customer and delivery services also stand up to close examination. All products with a green dot on their description pages are available for delivery from stock, and can be at your business premises on the next working day, at no extra charge.

If you need any more information about our range of endoscopes and microscopes, or indeed the tens of thousands of other products we offer for businesses of all kinds, you can speak to one of our customer service staff on 0800 294 4440.

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