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Single Section Ladders

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Single-section ladders

A single-section ladder is a basic piece of equipment which finds use in many businesses.

So if you're running your own enterprise, you'll almost certainly find such an item useful. And you should shop for yours here on a website which is trusted by many thousands of owners of businesses of all types and sizes.

Here on Slingsby.com, we can offer you ladders suitable for use in every business environment. Compliant with European Union safety standards, our single-section ladders come in a range of heights, and include models with splayed legs which offer the highest level of stability.

Our standard ladders are available in heights of up to four metres, comprising a number of sections, while, for the specialist contractor, we also offer a range of sturdily-constructed glassfibre ladders specifically designed to ensure safe working around electrical cables at height.

Yet because of their single-unit construction they're easily stored in even the smallest of spaces.

Here at Slingsby, we ensure that all our products conform with strict safety standards. Take a good look at the range of products we offer – we're confident you will find exactly the right single-section ladder for your individual needs.

And you can even have the ladder of your choice delivered directly to you on the next working day if you need it urgently, subject to availability from stock.

Take a look around – we're confident that, when it comes to selecting the precise ladder types for your needs, we can ensure that you won't make a 'rung' choice.

At Slingsby we offer Industrial & Commercial Equipment

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