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Advantages of Bespoke Production

Today the words 'Made in China' appear on all types of products but while factories across the Far East focus on churning out high volumes of low cost products UK manufacturers will always have a foothold in the manufacturing industry because if you need to source custom-made products, or want to be certain about quality, then there really is no place like home.

The production of bespoke products and unique solutions requires a high level of understanding about the exact purpose of the product and its objectives. Once work starts there is no going back which is another area where UK suppliers have the upper-hand because it makes communication and site visits much easier.

Plus, instead of having to brief a sales team on your requirements, there is more chance of being able to liaise directly with the technical personnel, who can call on their experience solving problems, finding solutions to the strangest of requests and producing designs from sketches scribbled on post-it notes to find the right solution for you.

Another key advantage that UK manufacturing holds is that you don't have to worry about 'container quantities' when it comes to transport costs and logistics. Many overseas manufacturers and shipping companies struggle to make the economies of scale work on small orders so insist that you order products by the container load, which is often impractical. However, many UK manufacturers have adapted their practices so they can produce small quantities that can be delivered efficiently.

The final element is time. Once production is complete most UK manufacturers can deliver within 24 hours. However if time is precious there's a lot more than delivery times to contend with when you source products overseas. Time zones, a lack of face to face communication and language barriers are just a few of the issues that will add days, or even weeks, to a project.

So if you want a product that is well designed, good quality and delivered quickly so that it can start saving your business time and money straight away, then it makes sense to buy British.

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