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Things to consider when buying manual handling equipment

The location and the weight of the goods to be moved need to be considered. The size of the items to be moved will also determine which truck would be most suitable; it may be that a handtruck with a platform may be more appropriate.

The weight of goods you wish to transport is important, a basic budget model will hold about 100kg, but there are trucks that will move 400kg. A truck should not be loaded with more than its maximum weight capacity. The truck should always be pushed forwards, the only time a truck should be pulled while using it is to go up stairs or kerbs.

Basic models have a steel frame, a simple footiron and have the capability to shift a variety of goods from boxes to sacks. However, something may be required which is more suited to specific tasks. If it is to be used for a single task then a specialist truck might be best suited, for example a chair truck or a cylinder truck. The reverse is also true, if it is needed for a multitude of different tasks then a transformable or a 3 in 1 truck would produce the flexibility required.

Should it be used on uneven ground then the wheels become more important, puncture proof tyres would be ideal. If stairs are likely to be involved, then a stair climbing truck would be worth considering. If the truck is to be used in multiple locations then its weight becomes more of an issue; deliverymen tend to prefer aluminium trucks, particularly if they fold or are telescopic to save space.

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