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Importance Of Workplace & Premises Maintenance

Not only does a well looked after building tell the world that you take pride in what you do, it also means customers, employees and visitors are far less likely to slip, trip and litigate, as a result of shoddy maintenance.

Slips and trips are the most common cause of major injuries to employees and are responsible for over a third of all those reported at work. They also account for more than half of all reported injuries to members of the public and with approximately 95% of major injuries arising from slips and trips involving broken bones, workplaces should take them seriously.

Anyone in control of premises regularly visited by the public, property owners managing buildings with communal areas as well as employers, all need to assess and manage the risks associated with slips and trips. The good news is that often just a few small improvements to buildings and premises can reap big rewards in terms of making them safer and improving their overall appearance.

According to HSE estimates, approximately half of all slips and trips are due to poor housekeeping and wet floors form a big part of this. High quality matting used around external doors to remove water that is brought into a building on the soles of shoes will immediately make a difference. However, before buying matting, it is important to consider its water retention capabilities and the amount of traffic it is designed to cope with.

Procedures must also be in place to ensure all spillages are cleaned and dried quickly and that signage is used to highlight wet floor areas. In addition, without good housekeeping practices, many other preventive measures such as providing speciality footwear and installing non-slip flooring can be completely ineffective. In fact, non-slip flooring that isn’t cleaned properly can quickly lose all its non-slip properties.

Trips usually occur as a result of a change in level to a surface or when there’s a sudden slope so damaged or uneven floor surfaces should always be repaired. Walkways must also be kept free of all potential obstacles, which could range from cables and clutter inside through to wet leaves and even ice on outdoor pathways during the winter months.

Finally, bear in mind the role that good lighting can play in reducing the number of accidents that occur in both dark and low visibility areas.

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