Break point - Ideas to help you kit out your canteen

How To Kit Out Your Workplace Canteen

Startling figures show that one in three workers don’t stop for lunch and one in four works non-stop all day without any breaks at all.

Part of this is due to the uncertain economic times which are pushing the UK’s workforce into overdrive and forcing many people to live in fear of losing their jobs. However, whilst it may seem like a good idea to do a Gordon Gekko impression whenever your boss is within earshot and shout ‘lunch is for wimps’, in reality it’s very difficult to maintain productivity without having a break.

Research by Bupa supports this and found that almost half of workers say their productivity dips at about 3pm if they don’t take a break at lunchtime, resulting in a loss of almost 40 minutes of their day. According to the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) these days are estimated to cost workplaces a staggering £50 million every day.

Although sometimes sacrifices have to be made when it comes to breaks, most employers understand they can increase productivity and general well-being for their workforces by creating dedicated recreational areas that offer an engaging environment where employees can recharge their batteries during break times. This also helps to reduce the risk of accidents caused by a lack of concentration.

Plus, offering such an area with food preparation facilities can also encourage employees to boost health, well-being and productivity by improving their eating habits.

Ideally a recreation area should offer a seating area, a sink for washing both hands and utensils and a fridge or other suitable food storage arrangements. In addition, employers may choose to add a microwave or other facilities to heat food, as well as appropriate crockery and utensils.

Finally, but most importantly, suitable arrangements or procedures should be in place to keep this area clean and tidy because there’s nothing less appealing than preparing and eating food in dirty surroundings!