Encouraging and Enforcing Social Distancing in the Workplace

It’s fair to say that when you first heard the term ‘Coronavirus’, you didn’t expect the world to have been turned on its head quite the way it has.

That said, it is starting to look like things may be returning to something like normality sooner rather than later.

As a business owner, there will be some excitement about staff returning to the office on a regular basis. But certain precautions and measures will need to be taken within the office space to ensure staff safety. These include finding the right office layouts and adding certain measures.

At Slingsby, we can help you achieve suitable protocol and measures thanks to our range of PPE and workwear and our signage options. In the latest Slingsby blog, we explain how to make your office Covid-secure and ensure your staff maintain social distancing.

Signs and stickers

A sign encouraging people to wear face masks

Your staff will likely know the office they work in like the back of the hand. What they may need a little time adjusting to is the new protocol that is being put in place following risk assessment. This will be in order to for your workplace to adhere to COVID-19 regulations.

To provide clear instructions to staff, having suitable signs and signals in the workplace is a great approach to take.

We have recently added a series of new signs and stickers to our range here at Slingsby. This is to help our customers ensure they can provide clear messaging to their workers and any visitors to the site. These can be added in areas such as break rooms, common areas and meeting rooms for example.

This range contains signs that encourage people to wash their hands and remove germs, as well as signs reminding people to keep 2m distance from one another and keep areas Covid secure.

We even have signs encouraging people to use hand sanitiser, wear gloves, wear cover shoes and wear face masks. These signs all provide consistent reminders of the need to be vigilant and mindful given the current pandemic, and reduce the chances of the virus being spread between staff members.

Keep a safe distance hazard warning tape from Slingsby

As well as these tailored signs, you can also introduce way guidance tape to create floor plans with clear and distinct zones that people can stick to and maintain a safe distance from one another. This tape is particularly advantageous if one-way systems need to be created to manage traffic flows, and can provide clarity for workers as they move around your premises.

We believe that in order to keep your staff aware and engaged with the restrictions, signs and stickers are of vital importance and help enable positive hygiene practices. They should be used in a way that means they won’t just become part of the furniture, but will continually resonate with people on your premises and remind them of their responsibility to adhere to the necessary requirements.

Further steps that can be taken

A woman wearing a safety visor

As well as adding signs and stickers to your workplace, there are other positive steps that can be taken.

We stock items such as face visors to help ensure your staff do not spread the virus when face to face, as well as a host of new PPE and workwear that has been added to our store in light of the pandemic.

A work desk set up with protection screens in place

This range includes a host of face masks that can be given to staff and visitors, as well as reception protection screens and protection screens to reduce the risk for people who sit near each other in the office.

We also stock workstation protection dividers for people working standing upright, as well as back to work reception kits.

Shop for social distancing equipment at Slingsby

We have put time and effort into providing a strong selection of products that will help our customers adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Be sure to take a look through the full selection of Slingsby products and find everything you need to maintain safety as people start to return to work.

You can create an account with Slingsby today if you do not yet have one, and take a look at our delivery options too. And if you have questions, simply get in touch with the Slingsby team.