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Importance Of PPE

Looking good in the workplace.

When it comes to ensuring that employees are safe at work, employers can invest all the time and money in the world in PPE, but it is completely pointless if staff aren’t going to wear and use it.

In every workplace, it’s vitally important that employees understand the need for PPE and its role in their personal safety. Relevant training is often a good starting point to identify the hazards and risks associated with not wearing PPE. This should also explain the regulatory requirements as well as highlighting when PPE is necessary, how it should be worn and any of its limitations.

Employers have to come to terms with the fact that employees often don’t want to wear something that doesn’t look good, feels uncomfortable or because they simply don’t like it, so it’s often worth involving members of the team in the decision making process when buying PPE.

Today there are a huge range of brands to choose from that all create great looking PPE that reflects fashion trends and that people can feel good about wearing. Plus, a high standard of personal appearance amongst employees can often be the difference between looking professional and unprofessional which can help to build customer confidence and create a sense of pride and satisfaction in the team.

PPE needs to be as comfortable as possible because nobody wants to spend their working day wearing something that’s hot, itchy or just simply annoying. As well as meeting the safety requirements, PPE also has to match and often exceed the expectations of the person wearing it, and often it may be necessary to purchase more than one brand or style in order to cater for everyone.

Employees should also be encouraged to ask for PPE and shouldn’t feel like they have a weakness or that they will be frowned upon for costing their employers money. Plus, this reiterates the company’s commitment to investing in safety and ideally management teams should set the example by always wearing appropriate PPE.

Many employers are taking this a step further and introducing incentive programmes or safety committees that encourage workers to look out for their colleagues and ensure that PPE is being worn and risks are not being taken.