Our Best Air Purifiers to Keep you Safe

 A wall mounted air purifier with Hepa Filter in an office space

The air we breathe in is something many of us will only have started thinking about in recent times. The need to be considerate of the air space around us has never been more important due to the dangers posed by the Coronavirus. 

In a workplace setting, especially one with many people working, there is a strong possibility of staff bringing in illnesses and viruses generally. This can affect your whole workforce, and potentially limit productivity.  

Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to limit the presence of viral particles in your workspace. A great approach in our opinion is by bringing in a quality air purifier.  

At Slingsby, we have a range of quality air purifiers to choose from. Let us talk you through how they work, how they can benefit your company and workforce, and what we have available. 

How do air purifiers work?

 A HEPA air purifier from Slingsby

Air purification systems essentially work to eradicate unpleasant, unwanted particles from indoor environments.  

Most modern air purifiers use a series of filtering systems to help tackle and eradicate these unwanted particles. They trap these particles within their system and neutralise them, helping to create clean air instead.  

Many air purifiers, particularly those with HEPA filters, are eco-friendly and highly efficient at taking the air of indoor environments to new levels of cleanliness.  

Where can air purifiers be used? 

Air purifiers can be used in a variety of work environments, from small office spaces to large open plan areas. Even warehouses and workshops can benefit from industrial air cleaner products.  

Each air purifier will typically come with information as to the square metre area that it can cover. This provides buyers with a great idea of what kind of space it can be used in and how far the benefits can stretch. 

Can air purifiers help prevent the spread of COVID-19? 

It would be foolish to say outright that an air purifier can eliminate COVID-19 from the air. But these products are designed to eliminate unwanted particles from the air, included virus particles. 

So while more tests need to be done into the efficacy of air purifiers in tackling COVID-19, there is a reasonable chance they will have some effect. 

They should not however be viewed as a definitive way to make sure COVID-19 particles are not in the atmosphere. Things like wearing masks, using protection screens and sanitising remain extremely important even in areas with air purifiers present.  

What does Slingsby have available? 

A wall mounted air purifier with HEPA filter from Slingsby

At Slingsby, we have a superb selection of air purifiers for businesses, including medical grade air purifiers from Air X Pro. This is a highly effective commercial air purifier that can really tackle viruses, bacteria and other airborne elements with high efficiency. This makes this product a solid investment for businesses across a spectrum of industries. We also have a slightly smaller medical grade air purifier which is great for more enclosed work environments.  

Our range also contains wall mounted air purifiers, such as this model which comes with an inbuilt HEPA filter. As the air purifier can be attached to the wall, it is easy to add it to a selection of spaces and enhance the air quality of indoor environments. 

We also stock HEPA air purifiers with an ioniser and remote control. This is a handy and effective addition to any office space, and can quickly enhance the cleanliness of the air within. 

Slingsby also stocks glass bases for air purifiers, enabling you to easily add such products to your work area. 

Shop for air purifiers for businesses at Slingsby 

Our excellent choice of air purifiers at Slingsby form part of our wider environmental control selection. Be sure to take a look through all the products we have available and make a positive decision for your business today. 

If you like the look of the Slingsby range, be sure to sign up for an account with us today. Take a look at our delivery options as well. 

And if you have any questions, simply contact the Slingsby team. We will be happy to assist you.