Floor Fillers - You think you have a tough job ahead of you

Road Maintenance: Repairing Potholes

You think you have a tough job ahead of you

When it comes to ensuring your business is presented in the most appropriate manner, efforts are usually concentrated on the building itself and ensuring the interior is attractive and appealing. It is however important to remember your premises as a whole and the fact that it is not just the property itself that will go towards a first impression but also the condition of the car park and walkways too.

Potholes are a current issue on the UK’s roads and research now blames them for damage on nearly a third of vehicles, but often they can be as much of a problem on commercial premises. They are bad enough on the roads, but it’s even more annoying when you drive into a business car park and are greeted with the sharp jolt of hitting a pothole.

Last year’s notorious wet weather combined with the recent long winter has resulted in a significant increase in the number of potholes and cracks, not just on the roads, but also on walkways which can lead to pedestrian trips and falls.

Potholes can be simple and far more cost effective to repair if they are dealt with early. Many people assume they need to call in a team of contractors to repair them, but there are a wide range of hard wearing repair compounds available that are easy and quick to use.

Potholes and cracks are not the only issues that need to be dealt with; slippery surfaces caused by wet or icy conditions or a build up of leaves can also cause slips and injuries to pedestrians.

Take a look at the following ideas to help keep your floor surfaces safe:

  • Install slip resistant surfaces or stair treads as a quick and economical solution for slippery surfaces.
  • Consider tactile surfaces to guide the visually impaired as a valuable addition to your premises.
  • Clear up leaves quickly when they fall to prevent the blockage of drains.
  • Use de-icing salt and snow clearing equipment to ensure walkways are safe during the winter months.

Guaranteeing the safety of staff and customers is paramount, and keeping on top of the small things can save you money in the long term.