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An Interview with Tensator

Queue management systems from the world leaders

Whether you’re in an airport jetting off somewhere exotic, hoping to see history being made at one of this summer’s sporting events or visiting any other location where you might have to queue, if you take a minute to look at what’s maintaining such an orderly line, there’s a good chance the name ‘Tensator’ will be staring back at you. We caught up with the world’s leading manufacturer of queue management systems to find out how its products help millions of people every day get in and out of all types of busy environments quickly and safely.

1) For anyone that doesn’t know Tensator, what does your organisation do and what type of products do you supply?
Tensator manufactures quality queue management and crowd control systems including the world famous retractable Tensabarrier®, display and signage solutions as well as next generation digital media platforms. In addition, we have an extensive range of products designed to reduce the risk of accidents, improve way finding and enhance message delivery.

2) What’s the history of the business?
Tensator’s products date back to 1881, when our Post & Rope range were introduced in the USA. The Tensabarrier® was launched in 1979 and remains the safest barrier on the market.

3) What types of venues / businesses use your products?
You name it and Tensator products are probably there! Sectors include retail, finance, health & safety, aviation and transport, events, entertainment and public sector. Our products are extremely versatile and uses include improving health and safety, designating and enhancing queue space, and as marketing platforms.

4) What are the most famous events / venues that have used your products?
The list is endless! Major tourist attractions including the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussauds, Empire State Building and Warner Bros Studios for Harry Potter Land all use our products. Plus they can be found at international sporting events including The London Marathon and European Football Championships, as well as at Premiership football stadiums including The Emirates Stadium, White Hart Lane, Goodison Park, Anfield, Stamford Bridge and Wembley Stadium. Tensator’s products are also prevalent in all UK and many worldwide airports, from Tensabarriers and wall mounts to call forward systems and Virtual Assistants.

5) As well as creating queuing systems, how else can businesses / venues benefit from using your products?
Our products can be used for a variety of purposes both indoors and outdoors, such as cordoning off areas, demarcating traffic routes and highlighting hazards.

6) When millions of people are potentially passing your barriers every day, how do you ensure that every single product is manufactured to the same high standard and remains safe?
We have strict quality control procedures and only use top quality products. Plus our unique technology means our Tensabarrier® boasts a patented braking system, whereby slow retract technology allows the webbing to fall to the floor upon release and then slowly retract back to the post – eliminating the risk of an accident. Furthermore, all our Tensabarrier® products are fitted with anti-tamper tape ends, preventing accidental release of the webbing, and have the best topple angles on the market, at over 30 percent, to help ensure a safe working environment.

7) What steps does your organisation take to maintain good green credentials?
Wherever possible Tensator uses materials from sustainable (managed) sources and is committed to reducing both direct and indirect carbon emissions from the energy used in buildings, transport and manufacturing. Recently we’ve also significantly reduced packaging materials and use 100 percent recycled card for this purpose.

8) Finally what would you say to anyone considering buying one of your competitor’s products?
Whilst there are products on the market that are cheaper, give some thought to the reliability, safety and durability of the product. The Tensabarrier® is the most respected barrier in the world and there’s a good reason why we have a 50 percent market share for this range alone.