Your guide to recycling

Your Guide to Recycling at work

TOP TIPS TO TURN YOUR WORKPLACE GREEN. Whilst many of us are good at sorting our recyclables from our non-recyclables at home these days, often at work it’s a different story. If a workplace doesn’t have a recycling policy, it’s usually because nobody is responsible for putting one in place. If this is the case where you work, it’s time to pick up the mantle and follow our top tips to turn your workplace into a greener and more efficient place:-


  • Position recycling containers in convenient locations throughout your workplace and warehouse. Cardboard along with other materials such as plastics can be recycled and sold on to be re-used.
  • All waste collected from your warehouse can be compressed to reduce the amount of room this takes up.
  • So it’s as easy to recycle as it is to throw things away – the key is to make it as easy as possible for people to change their habits and get recycling.


  • Go paperless where possible and make it a habit to think before you print. Plus make it a policy to post employee manuals and similar materials on an intranet, rather than distribute print copies.
  • Think about how you can reduce the amount of waste you produce. For example you can cut the amount of printer paper you use in half simply by setting printers to print on both sides.
  • Recycling printer ink cartridges is another way of doing your bit, there are services available that will pay for your old cartridges or refill them with ink so you can use them again.


  • Make sure you collect plastic cups and use a vending machine cups recycle bin which can be emptied each week.
  • Cans and tins can be washed after use and put in a recycling collection bin.
  • Buying recycled products helps to stimulate markets for reclaimed materials and reduces the amount of materials going to landfill.