Access denied - Your guide to security

  • Workplace Security Tips


    Crimes against businesses account for a fifth of all criminal offences recorded in the UK, costing approximately £15bn a year, and a recent survey by the Federation of Small Businesses shows that 64% of businesses have been victims of crime in the last 12 months.

    Criminal damage, vandalism and burglary all rank high on the list of crimes facing workplaces. However, as well as buying the right security products, common-sense is just as important in the fight against crime.

    By following our guide, businesses can greatly reduce their chances of becoming a crime statistic:
  • As well as giving customers a good first impression, criminals know that a well-maintained site is more likely to be secure, so look after the appearance of your premises.
  • Make sure that perimeter fences or walls are completely secure and carry out regular checks to identify weak areas.
  • Make sure that all areas outside abuilding are well-lit.
  • Signs, such as ‘no cash held on the premises’ are a cost effective way of deterring criminals.
  • Any gates, doors and other entrances where frequent access is not needed should be well secured at all times.
  • Encourage staff to take an active part in site security and inform them of expected external site workers.
  • Introduce procedures to check the identity of any visitors or people making deliveries, such as visitor books and name badges.
  • Control access to different areas of the business by using digital locks to secure confidential information or valuable equipment.
  • Barriers or turnstiles can be used to restrict entry or exit by internal or external personnel.
  • Provide facilities so that all personal property can be kept out of sight and locked away.
  • Always store keys in a secure key cabinet.
  • Document end of day locking up procedures.
  • Look at opportunities to form partnerships with neighbouring businesses to share information and maybe even split security costs.
  • An alarm linked to the police or a security company is one of the best deterrents for criminals.
  • Secure or remove anything that could be used to break in or cause damage.