Slingsby Improve Delivery Efficiencies at Royal Blackburn Hospital

Our Northwest rep, Liz, was asked to visit The Royal Blackburn Hospital as they were looking to improve their processes for goods delivered to the site. They were experiencing issues with transit vans delivering goods, as they were arriving on different sized pallets and the team were struggling to use a pallet truck on the tail lift delivery vehicles.


Liz paid a visit to the site and after assessment, suggested that a ‘Straddle Stacker’ would offer easy lifting at any van height. They did fall into a minor snag, whereby the site’s roller shutter door was slightly too low for the Straddle Stacker to fit through. However, this was not a problem for us, as we are able to modify products to suit on-site restrictions. In this case, we arranged for the stacker mast to be lowered in height so that it would fit through the shutter doors.


Once the adjustments were made, Liz delivered the new Stacker to the hospital and provided a full onsite demonstration. The team were delighted with the service from Slingsby and the new system for moving pallets has been made much safer and efficient.




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