The benefits of protection screens for your business

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have all been searching for ways to help prevent the spread of the virus.

This has involved following government advice, adhering to guidelines and using our common sense to avoid potential scenarios where the virus could be transmitted from one person to another.

This initially meant avoiding all contact with anybody outside of our household. But as our understanding of the virus, how it is transmitted, and the importance of getting the economy moving again has increased, new ways to allow life to continue have been found.

This is all with the caveat of ensuring that space is maintained, and the risk of spreading the virus is kept as low as possible.

One way this is being achieved is with protection screens. But how do they work? And where can they be used? Slingsby explains all.

How do protection screens work?

One of the primary ways Coronavirus is spread is through respiratory droplets. Though we may not realise it, when we speak, cough, sneeze and breathe, respiratory droplets leave our mouths and noses. If we have a virus, this can be spread via these droplets.

This is why so much of the focus around preventing the spread of the virus has been on wearing masks and face protection products. Masks help prevent the spread of respiratory droplets, and help stop us inhaling any respiratory droplets released by others.

There are additional steps that can be taken to help prevent the transmission in a practical way. This is where protection screens can play a very important role.

Protection screens help prevent respiratory droplets coming into the vicinity of other people. This helps to lower the chances of spreading the virus, and allows for safer environments to be created.

This is particularly advantageous in scenarios where wearing a mask for a long period of time may not be pleasant or possible. For example, in stores or warehouses, a mask may not be pleasant for members of staff to wear continuously during long shifts. But a protective screen can do a similar job without any discomfort or difficulty.

What does Slingsby have available?

At Slingsby, we have a wide selection of protection screens and hygiene screens available that can help keep your staff and any customers you may have feeling safe and comfortable.

One of the places that members of the public are likely to encounter your staff is in areas such as reception desks, help desks or at checkouts. But thanks to protection counter top screens and reception screens, you can buy a product that puts a solid layer of plastic between your staff and your customers. These can be easily communicated through, while still providing excellent protection.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes within the Slingsby range, making it easy for you to find the perfect protection screen for your business.

Our range also includes mobile protection banners. These are perfect for separating workers on an assembly line, and have proven particularly popular in salons and hairdressers. These can be put up between customers, helping to prevent the spread of germs and make sure a safe distance is maintained.

Workstation protection dividers are also available from the Slingsby store. These are great for any offices that are seeking to get staff back through the doors as soon as possible, and can prevent germs spreading between staff sat next to one another.

Our excellent range also includes freestanding desktop standing protection and divider screens, premium hospitality screens, and a host of other protection screens that can really help to make life easier and help you meet requirements across a variety of settings.

Buy protection screens from Slingsby

Slingsby has a host of excellent protection screens available for you to buy. Whether you are operating a retail store that is welcoming customers, providing services such as haircuts, or welcoming staff back into the office, Slingsby can help.

Our protection screens are designed to the highest standards, helping to prevent germs spreading from person to person and helping to ensure a safe work environment.

Our range also contains a host of other products that could be advantageous for your business at the present time. These include way guidance tapes and door security products, which can help make it easier to open and close doors without using hands.

To start adding our excellent products to your basket, simply sign into your Slingsby account, or register for one today if you do not yet have one.

Take a look too at our rapid delivery options, and if you have questions, the Slingsby team can help.

Most importantly, be sure to stay safe and take the necessary precautions to help stop the spread and return things to a ‘new normal’ as soon as possible.