Fancy a drink? - Tales from the water cooler

Drinking Water At Work?

YOU should do because drinking plenty of water can improve concentration, clear the mind and reduce stress, but few of us drink anywhere near enough on a daily basis.

Plus, although it may be plain and simple, water is a fascinating liquid and let’s not forget it’s the key to life. When NASA began exploring Mars, one of the first things they looked for was water to determine whether little green men might have ever enjoyed a brew on the red planet!

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires all work places to provide an adequate supply of high-quality drinking water. Water should be provided in refillable enclosed containers where it cannot be obtained directly from a mains supply. The containers should be refilled at least daily (unless they are chilled water dispensers where the containers are returned to the supplier for refilling).

Bottled water and water dispensing systems may still be provided as a secondary source of drinking water. Ideally most people should be drinking between 2 and 2.5 litres of water per day to stay hydrated and this increases in summer or if you exercise heavily. At least 20% of our water intake comes from foods with soup and vegetables having a particularly high water content.

The rest will come from the beverages you drink. There are downsides to drinking too many hot drinks containing caffeine or fizzy drinks that have a lot of sugar. However fruit and vegetable juice are good options because they contain vitamins and nutrients and plain old water is also a great choice.

Although it can be difficult to drink enough water, it helps if you can keep a bottle with you, which you can fill up when you are working, travelling or exercising. It also helps to stagger your water intake throughout the day.

So next time someone offers you a drink, make sure you ask for a large one!