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  • The British Cycling Economy Report says cycling is worth £2.9bn to the UK economy.
  • 2/3 of all journeys in the UK are less than 5 miles, but only 2% of 2-5 mile trips are by bike, 79% are by car.
  • More people own bikes than cars, 85% more bikes were sold than cars in 2011.
  • Men make 72% of all bike trips… but in the Netherlands it’s 45% and in York it’s 50%! .
  • Sustrans/British Cycling say cycling is anticipated to rise by 1% a year.


Le Grand Départ - a lasting legacy.

The legacy of Le Grand Départ is becoming increasingly important and the hope is that once the tour has moved on, the passion and excitement for cycling will remain, and the financial benefits to those businesses who have capitalised on the event will have lasting effects for both themselves and the local economy.

There are numerous schemes being set up across the UK to encourage more people to take up cycling, to create new cycle routes and to educate both children and adults on cycle safety.

With further cycle rides planned on the back of the tour, there should also be plenty more opportunities for businesses to take advantage in the future.

However, cycling is no longer merely a leisure activity. With fuel and travel costs continually rising and a significant increase in the number of cycle lanes on the UK’s roads, which have made cycling much safer, bicycles have become extremely popular for the commute to work.

In the UK, the numbers of people pedalling to work have risen 17% in the past decade and this also means excuses about buses running late and traffic jams have become a thing of the past. However employers are quickly having to adapt to cater for the large number of bikes that now descend onto their premises every day.

For most it’s a worthwhile investment because there are plenty of benefits to employing a healthier workforce so, as well as providing cycle storage facilities, many are actively encouraging people to commute to work on two wheels by investing in changing rooms, lockers and even shower areas.

This has also resulted in more than 500,000 people taking advantage of the Government’s ‘Cycle to Work’ tax-free loan scheme which enables budding cyclists to save up to 40% off the cost of a bicycle and accessories by making them completely tax deductible.

Employees effectively “hire” a bike from their employer by paying monthly instalments that are taken from their salary before tax. The hire agreement usually lasts for between 12 and 18 months, after which the employee will then own the bike.

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