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Importance Of Quality Products

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Almost every globally recognised brand, from Rolls Royce to Apple and Nike to Coca Cola, has achieved success by constantly striving to deliver great products that their customers can rely on. Although the UK’s manufacturing industry has changed dramatically over the last 150 years, every single company that has survived the transformation is likely to have at least one thing in common – they offer quality products and services.

A major part of being able to offer a quality product, is knowing what a quality product is! This often comes down to experience of knowing what to look and test for in a product, and ensuring that the correct people and processes are in place to source quality items. An understanding of the product, the customer, and what it will be used for is essential. For example, the knowledge that a welded seam on a hazardous cabinet is better than a riveted one only comes with experience because the customer needs a long lasting product, not just thecheapest possible price.

Quality isn’t just something that happens, it is something that needs to be built into a company culture and processes, it needs to be supported by accreditations and every operation in the business has to adhere to it, from production to finance and sales through to logistics. The BS EN ISO 9001:2008 is the internationally recognised standard on good quality management practices and any organisation who works within this framework has to undergo strict audits and assessments on a regular basis, and therefore has to be serious about its quality management system.

You cannot always be certain of quality, for example there are cheap imported trucks that seem to be good value, but are only suitable for very occasional use and don’t compare with a more commercial handtruck. A cheaper product may seem like a bargain at the time but for regular use around a warehouse, they simply will not be able to handle the requirements and will either require regular maintenance or will simply need replacing after only a small number of uses. For day in day out use, only higher quality items will do the job and be long lasting, to paraphrase a certain major retailer "It’s not just workplace equipment, it's Slingsby workplace equipment”.

Not only do customers gain the advantage by getting that little bit more out of their products, purchasing a quality item will also reduce long term costs, reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and help to prevent injuries.

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