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Improving Premises Security

Hints and tips to ensure your premises are secure.

Commercial premises will always be attractive to criminals because it is obvious when they are empty and they are often located in areas that are deserted at night.

Figures from insurance giant AXA Business Insurance reveal that, although businesses are benefitting from a drop in crime rates, 1 in 20 still had to make a crime related insurance claim in 2013/14. In addition, the average cost of each business claim, relating to theft, vandalism and arson, hit £5,919 last year compared to £4,456 in 2012/13.

When a criminal strikes, it is rarely a case of just repairing a broken window or replacing a stolen item afterwards, because it can often cause a huge amount of disruption and downtime for a workplace.

With this in mind, it makes sense to make your premises as unappealing as possible to a criminal. This means taking an objective look at your building and site to determine where it is most vulnerable. Anyone who spends a long period of time in a building knows its weak points, whether it’s a dodgy door lock or an area of a site where a burglar could break-in completely undetected, so invite suggestions from other members of your team.

In many cases installing dummy CCTV cameras or warning signs that highlight security precautions are enough to deter a criminal. However, in order to put off a more determined felon, it’s important to make life as difficult as possible for them. All expensive equipment should be securely stored, or even bolted to floors or walls, which suddenly makes it far less inviting.

Approximately 30% of burglars take advantage of insecure windows so installing dead-bolts and making sure that window hinges, handles and doors are all up to scratch can have a big impact. Mirrors and lighting should be used to increase visibility and eradicate any blind spots. High quality perimeter fencing, that is difficult to climb over, is another headache many criminals will want to avoid.

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