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The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 state that minimum workplace temperature should be “reasonable” 16ºC, unless the work involves severe physical effort, in which case the temperature should be at least 13ºC. However, according to the BBC, the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg likes to keep office temperatures at a maximum of 15ºC to boost staff productivity.

Heating In The Workplace: A Guide Your guide to efficient workplace heating

Your guide to energy efficient heating in the workplace.

Nowadays selecting the right type of heating products for your workplace is more important than ever with the green agenda, fluctuating energy costs and safety issues all having a big impact on the products available.

In recent years there has been a seismic shift by manufacturers to produce products that are as efficient as possible without compromising on performance and safety.

However research suggests that the UK’s industrial sector still wastes more than £1.4 billion each year as a result of using outdated energy sources and heating products, so there’s clearly room for the majority of workplaces to make big savings.

When it comes to buying heating products, the first thing to consider is how often you need to heat a room or space. In areas that are regularly occupied, it usually makes sense to install fixed heaters but if you require occasional heating, or a flexible heat source to give your existing heating system an extra boost, there are a huge range of products available from electric fan and convection heaters through to industrial diesel powered heaters.

Generally, smaller electric powered products are best suited to more confined areas and their compact nature means they can be stored away easily when they’re not in use. Both fan and convection heaters are quick to warm up but whereas a fan heater distributes heat across a room, a convection heater generates warmth in a particular space. There are also oil filled radiators that work in a similar way to standard electric convection heaters while offering improved efficiency and most come with wheels.

Halogen heaters are very effective and emit a radiant heat that warms an object rather than a space. They heat up and cool down very quickly and are particularly useful in workshops and other areas that require an additional burst of heat now and again.

If this is the type of ‘infrared’ heat that you require, but on a larger scale there are a wide range of ceramic and quartz products available that are similar to halogen heaters and produce large amounts of heat while being relatively energy efficient.

For an even stronger, yet more efficient heat source, it may be worth considering a propane or diesel powered product. These are ideal for heating large buildings, such as garages, factories and warehouses, quickly and efficiently but both require good ventilation. Propane heaters run off a separate gas bottle and are generally considered to be more environmentally friendly than their diesel counterparts.

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