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Hospital positions back injuries in the past

Tucked away on the top floor of a self-contained building at the back of Burton Hospital sits a team of medical secretaries, that help make a difference to hundreds of thousands of women’s lives every year, even though their paths will never cross.

The team of 10 are responsible for typing up and documenting doctors’ notes for more than 2000 patients who visit the hospital’s paediatric and gynaecology departments every week. Each individual patient file can contain hundreds of sheets of paper meaning there is a mountain of paperwork weighing several tonnes, flowing in and out of the building every day.

Each morning hundreds of files reach the third floor of the building in a lift and are then manually unloaded and delivered to a warren of offices, before the dedicated team begin the unenviable task of typing them all up.

Lifting, carrying and moving so much paperwork is hard work and just looking at it is enough to give you back ache! However when a member of the team severely aggravated a back injury and became one of the seven out of ten people that suffer back pain at some point in their lives, the NHS Foundation Trust decided that a long-term solution to the problem was needed.

Back injuries are a big problem for the NHS generally, due to the nature of the work which sees staff dealing with increasing numbers of bariatric patients and having to adopt and hold awkward positions, as well as constantly moving equipment.

This is certainly something that Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust takes seriously and nine years ago it appointed Elspeth Dickinson as Moving and Handling Co-ordinator.

Elspeth, who previously worked as a physiotherapist had concerns about the number of injuries that occurred in the NHS as a result of manual handling. Today she is responsible for the well-being of more than 2500 staff at the hospital. She explains, “The majority of back injuries are preventable. If we feel there’s a risk of someone injuring themselves, we use a range of ‘posture analysis techniques’ and then look at what equipment or training could make a difference.“When it came to finding a solution for the medical secretaries we decided to invest in a state of the art work positioner. I had seen this product at several trade exhibitions and was impressed by the endless number of uses it could have."It is specifically designed to be easy to use, adaptable, able to lift objects from ground level to head height, as well as being small and manoeuvrable so it can fit into areas where space is limited, it has made an immediate difference."

Finally Dickinson concludes, “We’re now considering how these machines could be used in other parts of the hospital to transport or lift heavy objects, move fluid packs or access high shelves. Another possibility includes using them with hemofiltration machines that fill a 5kg bag every hour which is the most a nurse can lift. However with the Work Positioner the bag could be filled more so it would no longer need changing 24 times a day meaning nurses would have more time to carry out other work.”

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