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Accessibility and workplace wellbeing - the keys to improving productivity

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According to the Department of Work and Pensions there are more than 130 million working days lost each year to sickness absence, costing the economy up to £15 billion through lost output.

Whatever the size of your business there are many changes which can be made to make your workplace a better place to work, which in turn will increase the morale and health of your employees, therefore reducing staff turnover and sickness levels

. In extreme cases workers in uncomfortable conditions can become ill as a result of dehydration and heat stress and a lot of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) cases can be attributed to inadequate ventilation, low humidity and changes in temperature throughout the day. Although the full causes of SBS are unknown, it’s most common in buildings with air-conditioning and other automated systems that circulate air around buildings.

Maintaining a cool and well ventilated workplace during the summer months will make a big difference to both energy and concentration levels which also helps to reduce the risk of accidents. Consider portable air coolers or fans, so individuals can maintain temperature levels to their own personal requirements.

Encouraging employees to take regular breaks is a way to cut stress and the chances of SBS and ensure that employees remain have to be made when it comes to breaks, having a rest and recharging energy levels enables employees to work through the SOCIAL WELFARE According to the Department of Work and Pensions there were more than 130 million working days lost last year to sickness absence, costing the economy up to £15 billion through lost output. With the wage bill often being the biggest expense for most organisations, it’s vital that employees are working to their full potential and often making a few simple changes to a workplace can reap huge rewards in terms of employee health and productivity. Accessibility and workplace wellbeing - the keys to improving productivity afternoon with renewed concentration. Seasonal recreational areas such as outdoor seating areas or indoor games rooms can improve morale and offer employees a change of environment at lunchtimes.

Employers can also take this a step further and boost the health, well-being and productivity of their workforces by taking a few simple steps to encourage employees to improve their eating habits and general health.

Many adults spend up to 60% of their waking hours in the workplace and most eat at least one meal a day at work. Various studies have been carried out in recent years and show that healthy eating can reduce absenteeism as well as increasing creativity, concentration and motivation. Simply providing an equipped area where employees can eat lunch, helps employees to change their eating habits by encouraging them to prepare their own food. Whilst it’s unrealistic for many employers to provide a full canteen, even just an area that can be used during lunchtimes and break will surfice.

To encourage employees to improve their health, organisations could also offer reduced gym membership or cycle to work schemes, and ensure that suitable storage is provided for cycles.

Finally, make sure your workplace adheres to the Equality Act 2010 and is accessible to all employees. This may include the installation of lifts and ramps or disabled facilities.

A happy workforce tends to be a motivated workforce and while there are no guarantees of company success, a few quick and often low cost solutions may go a long way to improving.

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