Keeping the Workplace Sanitised with Slingsby

With the need to ensure workforce safety more pressing than ever before, organisations up and down the country are having to find ways to limit concerns and dangers.

Pre-pandemic, little thought was given to how viruses and illnesses could potentially be spread within an enclosed space. But what the pandemic has done is forced us to reconsider the things we touch and the potential invisible risks we open ourselves up to.

This means many businesses have questions and queries regarding how best to keep a workplace sanitised. In the latest Slingsby blog, we look to answer some common questions around workplace sanitising and safety.

Should surfaces be cleaned during the pandemic?

A meeting table in an office space

By now, we are very familiar with the precautions required to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These are all based around the way in which the virus is transmitted from person to person.

The spread of the virus happens when an infected person emits tiny droplets from their nose and mouth, and these are breathed in by another person. The virus lives within these particles, and starts going to work in our systems once we have contact.

A common form of transmission is through the air when speaking with or being in contact with an infected person. People can breathe in these particles and contract the virus that way.

But another way to contract the virus is through surface transmission. Say an infected person coughs, sneezes or breathes on the desk in front of them. If another person uses that desk, touches it with their hands, and then touches their face, there is a distinct chance of catching the virus.

This is where surface cleaning can make such a difference. Sanitising and cleaning surfaces can help eradicate any remnants of the virus that may have found their way onto it. This means a person using an area or space is far less likely to encounter the particles that could lead to them contracting COVID-19.

What’s the best way to disinfect surfaces?

A person using Clinell antimicrobial hand wipes

There are many ways in which to remove unwanted particles from a surface within a workplace.

One great way is with multisurface cleaners. These help to combat bacteria and viruses, eradicating them and leaving a clean and safe surface behind. They can be easily sprayed across surfaces and wiped away, leaving a pristine work area behind.

For quick and easy cleaning, you can stock up on surface sanitiser wipes. These can be easily used by staff who want to be extra diligent on surface cleaning. These products make it easy to sanitise areas such as door handles, light switches, equipment and other surfaces that are regularly touched by staff.

It is also highly recommended to do deep cleans of work premises as often as possible. This can help bring peace of mind regarding the safety of the workplace, and ensure that the chances of any possible transmission of the virus is kept as low as possible.

You can also add ample amounts of hand sanitiser, hand wipes and hand soap to your workplace to encourage your staff to develop positive habits around sanitisation.

What are the best products to sanitise your workplace?

A packet of Uniwipe Clinical Disinfection Wipes

At Slingsby, we have a superb range of cleaning materials for businesses that can really help bring about higher levels of safety and cleanliness within your premises.

We sell antimicrobial hand wipes from Clinell which can be used by your workforce to ensure that their hands are clean and not carrying those dangerous viral particles.

Slingsby also stocks a selection of clinical disinfection wipes from Uniwipe. These are an excellent way to clean surfaces in an office space or warehouse, with these wipes also useful for tricky areas like keyboards, kitchen spaces and door handles.

A large tub of Virawipe high performance biodegradable surface sanitiser wipes

We also have a range of biodegradable surface sanitiser wipes from Virawipe, providing an extra option for your business.

There are plenty of products to choose from and add to your business to create that safer work environment.

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Be sure to take a look through our full cleaning and hygiene collection and get everything you need for a safe transition to premises working.

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