Protection Screens for a COVID-safe workplace

The way our lives have been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic takes some time to get your head around. This time last year, the possibility of major changes to working practices were starting to become a reality for businesses. Fast forward to March 2021, and we are still getting adjusted somewhat.

Despite the challenges, the way we have adapted to what the pandemic has thrown at us is nothing short of remarkable all things considered. One part of this is adapting work places to stop the spread of the virus. A number of new products have been made available to support this, including protection screens.

At Slingsby, we have a host of different types of protection screens for workplaces available. In our latest blog, we talk you through how they work and why you may want to add some to your premises.

How do protection screens work?

One of the major ways that the COVID-19 virus is spread from person to person is by droplets emitted from an infected person’s mouth or nose. Regardless of whether we have the virus or not, this emittance happens every time we speak to some degree, with miniscule particles shooting out into the atmosphere around us.

If you have the virus and breathe infected particles out, then people close to you can inhale them and ultimately get infected themselves. This is the reason why masks have been a crucial part of Coronavirus prevention, and why 2m social distance is also set in place in many places. This is thought to be too far of a distance in the majority of instances for the virus to be spread from person to person.

A further step that can be taken in the workplace is the use of protection screens. These intercept the problematic particles, placing a layer of plastic between people that can catch and stop potentially viral particles being inhaled. They can then be cleaned off with disinfectant and used over again.

This means that interactions in an office space or the like can be conducted more safely, helping your business get back to something akin to normality more quickly.

What kind of protection screens are there?

A set of workstation protection dividers available from Slingsby

Slingsby has added a number of protection screens to our online store in recent months in order to support customers in their transition back to the workplace.

One place where face to face interactions are the norm is at reception desks. As such, we have free standing reception and counter top protection screens with a small hatch and attachable feet. This means that people working on the reception desk can safely converse with visitors and workers at their premises. We also stock large counter top protection screens that can be used in this way, or generally around a premises wherever people may be face to face, while this free standing counter top screen is consistently proving popular.
A free standing reception protection screen from Slingsby.

Protection screens can also be used in desk areas to help segregate your workers and help avoid the virus spreading among your workforce. We stock items such as workstation protection dividers to protect workers, as well as free standing desk protection screens that are really advantageous in office settings. We also offer hanging perplex screens that can be placed at various opportune locations.

The beauty of these items is that they are not only practical, but also help your staff feel safer, enabling them to focus more on their work!

Stock up on Protection screens from Slingsby

A hanging perspex protection screen from Slingsby

We have a host of excellent options for business premises available at Slingsby, so be sure to take a look through our full offering.

You can also pick up cleaning materials at Slingsby, while our PPE and workwear range really is a must given the current circumstances.

You can create a Slingsby account today if you do not yet have one, and take a look through our delivery options too.

And if you have any questions, simply get in touch with the Slingsby team.