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  1. Extruded polyester strapping
    Extruded polyester strapping
    Prices From £95.99 £79.99
  2. Polypropylene strapping band
    Polypropylene strapping band
    Prices From £31.19 £25.99
  3. Woven polyester strapping
    Woven polyester strapping
    Prices From £77.99 £64.99
  4. Ribbon wound steel strapping
    Ribbon wound steel strapping
    Prices From £51.59 £42.99
  5. Steel oscillated strapping
    Steel oscillated strapping
    Prices From £147.60 £123.00
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Strapping keeps all products you need to send out to your customers secure, as well as ensuring that they can be packed into the smallest possible space. The unheralded role it plays nevertheless helps ensure that customers can trust you to package your products properly when you send them out.

Strapping comes in a wide variety of forms, but our product range here at Slingsby contains all the different types you could possibly need, as well as the best means of sealing it for the type of product involved, and its weight.

Using the strongest possible man-made materials, such as polypropylene, polyester and even steel for those occasions when only the strongest securing materials will do, with the help of Slingsby you can bind even the largest and bulkiest consignments so that they stay in place and occupy the minimum amount of space wherever they are being transported.

We can offer you strapping made from either polyester or steel depending on the items you need to bind together and the strength of the bond you need. And if you need to package goods securely, you'll be surprised how little it can cost you to get the best possible join.

Our steel dispenser and strapping kits along with seals are among tens of thousands of lines which we carry in stock to help businesses meet their customers' needs in all kinds of unheralded but nonetheless important ways.

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