Tapes and dispensers

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Tapes and dispensers

Not all sticky tape is born equal – if you ever need to package different types and sizes of products for your customers you'll soon learn this.

But the many different types of tape available, and the dispensers which help ensure that your business can use them economically all have one thing in common – you can buy them right here at Slingsby.com.

To take the work out of taping your goods safely before they're sent out to your customers, you should particularly look at our automatic tape dispenser which helps you keep your tape waste to a minimum by dispensing predetermined lengths of anything between 5cm and 130cm. And for maximum productivity, you can even set it to dispense repeated amounts of the same length.

This handy, labour-saving device is just one of the thousands of ways in which we can help make your business more efficient. Just take a look around this site to find thousands more products which you possibly never even knew your business needed, at prices which you never thought you'd find.

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