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  1. Grip seal
    Grip seal
    Prices From £82.00
  2. Miniflex multi purpose seal
    Miniflex multi purpose seal
    Prices From £72.00
  3. Cash drawer
    Cash drawer
    Prices From £69.00
  4. Point of sale cash box safe
    Point of sale cash box safe
  5. Key wallets
    Key wallets
    Prices From £6.00
  6. UV and white light conterfeit detector
    UV and white light conterfeit detector
  7. Replacement UV bulb
    Replacement UV bulb
  8. 'M' numbered security seals
    'M' numbered security seals
  9. Cash box with coin tray
    Cash box with coin tray
  10. Counterfeit detector
    Counterfeit detector
  11. Fire resistant box
    Fire resistant box
  12. Counterfeit UV Detector
    Counterfeit UV Detector
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12 Products

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Many people would say money is the name of the game in business. How you look after that money as a business is just as important as how you earn it. 

At Slingsby, we understand this and know the importance of having secure and safe processes when it comes to handling money. 

For businesses that handle cash, the need to protect this money from potential theft is hugely important. But when cash is in transit or exposed in any way, there is a heightened risk of something untoward taking place. 

To counter this risk, at Slingsby we have excellent cash security products that can help businesses ensure that their cash remains safe. 

This selection of products includes cash bags, cash drawers, point of sale cash boxes and fire-resistant boxes to help protect your business’s money. 

This range also includes products that can help maintain your business interests, including counterfeit UV detectors to identify fraudulent cash that may come into your circulation. 

These products form part of our wider cash handling range, allowing you to look after that which is valuable to you and your business. 

Shop with Slingsby for all the products you need to look after your cash and run your business the way you want to.  

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