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  1. Master lock brass padlocks
    Master lock brass padlocks
    Prices From £29.00
  2. Rectangular roller shutter padlocks
    Rectangular roller shutter padlocks
    Prices From £34.00
  3. 51mm Brass combination padlocks
    51mm Brass combination padlocks
    Prices From £29.00
  4. Titanium reinforced steel padlocks
    Titanium reinforced steel padlocks
    Prices From £19.00
  5. Covered weather resistant steel padlock
    Covered weather resistant steel padlock
    Prices From £17.00
  6. Weather tough heavy duty padlocks
    Weather tough heavy duty padlocks
  7. Economy brass padlock
    Economy brass padlock
    Prices From £10.00
  8. Disc padlocks
    Disc padlocks
    Prices From £19.00
  9. Laminated steel padlocks
    Laminated steel padlocks
    Prices From £25.00
  10. 40mm Combination brass padlock
    40mm Combination brass padlock
  11. Coloured lockout padlocks
    Coloured lockout padlocks
    Prices From £43.00
  12. Aluminium combination padlock
    Aluminium combination padlock
    Prices From £7.00
  13. 30mm Combination brass padlock
    30mm Combination brass padlock
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14 Products

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Locks and Hasps

Keeping your possessions safe and secure is an issue in any walk of life – it is especially important when protecting your business.

Slingsby’s extensive range of padlocks and hasps will cover you whatever the situation – whether it calls for a heavy duty robust padlock or something smaller and more discreet.

We stock both key and combination locks – the latter of which are ideal when the device has to be used by a large number of people. All of our locks and hasps are strong and long-lasting making sure your business stays secure all year round.

Choose Slingsby to help you with all of your business needs and benefit from high-quality goods at the best prices.

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